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My experience with Laser Hair Removal

First Blog - Advanced Laser Clinic

Body hair has been the most and least discussed topic, all at the same time. Having said that, I had tired all methods of hair removal under the sun, including waxing, shaving, threading even hair removal creams! Today I will be sharing my personal thoughts and experiences with Laser Hair Removal and explain how it drastically changed my overall experience with the age-old issue that most women face - getting rid of unwanted body hair.

The First Time

So, I started my Laser hair removal journey in 2010 in Sydney, Australia where I grew up. I had decided it was time to toss the razor and all my other traditional methods of hair removal to give Laser hair removal a try. I wasn’t too sure where to start so I confided in a friend and asked for any local recommendations they may have. To my surprise she had been undergoing treatment herself and was so far impressed with her results. Without any further due research, I took the number of the salon down, where she was being treated and booked myself in for a consultation.

The day of my consultation had arrived and I was nervous as I had so many questions to be answered. Will it be painful? It is expensive? How many treatments will I need? What results can I guarantee? and many more such questions that I still get from friends and clients. The technician I met with for my consultation had answered most of my questions and warned me that the treatments were not quite painless. Each sitting for my full legs was costing me $350 and I was getting a deal for $1800 for six treatments. As a student, back then this was quite an expense and I wasn’t quite ready to fork out the money.

A few months passed and I had caught up with the same friend who had by now just finished her Laser hair removal treatment. Looking at her results I was amazed or shocked to say the least. Her silky, smooth legs were in front of me and she mentioned there was basically no maintenance involved as well. She mentioned this was “the best decision ever” and again I struck up the courage to call the salon and book myself in for my first treatment!


Treatment one.. Treatment two.. Treatment three! By the end of the third treatment I was already seeing a HUGE difference in my hair growth. The hairs were growing back significantly finer and I didn’t have to shave for weeks on end. I even kept a longer gap between my third and fourth appointment as the hairs had not grown back to be treated. It finally made sense to me how laser hair removal was cost effective as I wasn’t spending any further money on regular waxing or shaving.

After my full treatment, which required 9 sittings for me, I was basically hair free and feeling confident as ever. With summer around the corner I was feeling at my best and hadn’t needed to do any maintenance whatsoever. There is a misconception about Laser Hair Removal which implies you never grow the hair back again, this is not the case, you may never be completely hair free. However, I had spent two years at stretch without having to use a razor because the hair had been reduced to that extent. Some hairs will be permanently removed, others will remain extremely fine and require minimal to no maintenance.

Advanced Laser Clinic

At Advanced Laser Clinic, we use a diode laser to treat our clients. This is a concentrated beam of light which passes through the skin attracts the pigment in the hair follicle, destroying it from the root. The ICE and In-Motion technology provide an effective and virtually painless experience. The technology allows us to treat people of all skin colour safely and are used by celebrities around the world like Kim Kardashian, Coleen Rooney, Gauhar Khan and many others. Our goal is to have available the best technology in the market and offer our clients affordable prices. We take pride in our proven results and want each customer to leave with a smile.

Kim Kardashian Laser Hair Removal Regina

If my story is relatable, do not hesitate and give us a call today at 306.993.4600 to come and chat with us on how Laser Hair Removal can change the way you look and feel about yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: If you feel strongly about this issue or have any concerns, please express them in a courteous manner and be respectful towards each other.

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