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5 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

Winter has arrived. And even if you feel a little disappointed with the cold weather and the little daylight hours, the season has a positive side: it serves to be the best time for hair laser removal. If you are yet to be convinced, in this article, we have gathered some major reasons why winter remains the best time for hair laser removal. As a result of this, in the event that you have decided to get rid of your unwanted air for the betterment of your health, in this article we have got you covered.

1. Laser hair removal works best on untanned skin

The major reason why laser hair removal works are due to the pigment found in your hair follicles which have the ability to absorb the heat and energy from the laser beams. The follicles are tamed by the energy from the laser; this hinders the growth of new air. The fact remains that there is new laser treatment which is ideal for people of various complexions. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the significant contrast that exists between the color of your air and the color of your skin. Take, for instance, the most convenient to remove by the use of a laser is dark hair on light skin.

That said, having a tan, which the chance of occurrence is high in the middle of the summer, affects the outcome of laser hair removal. In order to obtain the best likely outcome, it is better to plan one's treatment sessions to the time when the skin is protected and is its natural untanned color.

2. Limited exposure to the sun during winter

In order to obtain the safest and best results, it is important to ensure that your skin is not exposed to the sun in about two to four weeks before starting laser hair removal. As such, winter is often the best time to start the process. In addition, winter clothing covers more than summer clothes and can help protect your skin from the sun in the weeks prior to your first treatment.

Reducing exposure to sun after treatment is also important. Your skin is more sensitive after laser hair removal. Therefore, exposure to the sun after laser hair removal can lead to damage. Hypo and hyperpigmentation are the two likely conditions that can occur, thereby resulting in the occurrence of white and brown spots. So be aware of the sensitivity of your skin in weeks after treatment and do not expose targeted areas to direct sunlight and for a long time.

3. It can be without hair until summer

For successful hair removal, several laser hair removal treatments are required. Therapists generally recommend a schedule of several sessions separated from four to six weeks. Although you might notice results after two or three additional appointments are usually needed to ensure that hair at all stages of development is disabled.

Starting laser hair removal during the winter, you will have enough time to have no hair before the end of the summer.

4. Avoid sweating and pools is easier

Laser hair removal can be carried out at any time of the year. However, some lifestyles and monitoring factors make winter treatment easier than summer.

After laser hair removal, it is important to avoid any activity that causes excessive sweating until all the redness disappears. It's much easier in winter than in the summer, when you're out there, you risk sweating.

Also stay away from swimming pools and spas which are treated with chlorine or chemicals until the skin becomes normal. And while this winter is often a simple task, it may be difficult to try a refreshing dip during a hot and sunny weather.

5. Good for the budget

Laser hair removal planning for the winter is not only meaningful to your skin, but also to the wallet. When the time cools down, we tend to retreat indoors, exchange days at music festivals and nights at rooftop bars for cozy time on the couch with our favorite Netflix shows. And in the event that you have decided to use more time indoor, you spend less money, indicating that you have more cash to put toward laser hair removal.

If you still have any questions that you would like answered, feel free to book a free consultation with us at Advanced Laser Clinic. Call us today at 3069934600 and speak with one of our qualified technicians.

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