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Tattoo’s and Laser Hair Removal

Our technicians answer the top five most commonly asked questions about tattoo’s and laser hair removal. Read ahead to see which procedure to get done first!

Q: Is it possible to get laser hair removal treatments over my tattoo?

A: Unfortunately you cannot laser over a tattoo at any given time. The laser picks the pigment in the ink and could distort the tattoo permanently. The procedure can also cause blistering, infection and severe burns if the area to be treated has been tattooed.

Q: Can I never treat the area where I have my tattoo?

A: Although laser hair removal cannot be done over a tattoo at any point in time, the area around the tattoo can still be effectively treated. Many clients come in to reduce the hair in the surrounding area; making sure not to treat directly under the tattoo.

Q: How do I know if it’s safe to get laser hair removal in an area with a tattoo?

A: Advanced Laser Clinic offers free consultations where a qualified technician will assess your requirements and only proceed if it is safe to do so. Make sure to always see a qualified technician and address any concerns prior to starting treatments.

Q: How many treatments do I need before I go for a tattoo?

A: On average a client will need 6-9 treatments on any given area to get the desired affect. Having said that, each individual differs and may require more or less treatments accordingly.

Q: How long do I need to wait before I can get a tattoo in an area where I have been treated for laser hair removal?

A: The recommended time to wait is at least three weeks before getting a tattoo done after your final laser hair removal treatment. Make sure to be happy with the level of hair reduction as once the skin is tattooed, you will not be able to get laser hair removal treatments in the same spot.

If you’re interested in having laser hair removal treatments prior to your tattoo or surrounding an existing tattoo, give us a call at Advanced Laser Clinic on 306.993.4600 to book a free consultation and also get 50% off your first treatment!

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