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The Two T's of Laser Hair Removal: Technology and Technician

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I hear a lot of the same questions or concerns from my clients when it comes to prior knowledge on Laser Hair Removal. It is painful? How effective is it? When will I see results? Will my hair be gone forever? Does it work on dark skin? The sole purpose of writing this blog today is to address these concerns and educate you about the two very important T’s of Laser Hair Removal: Technology and Technician.

So, you might ask, why are these two T’s very important for someone looking to get Laser Hair Removal? Here, let me explain it with an example. I’ve had many clients come to me complaining how they have tried Laser Hair Removal in the past and how it did not work for them. Most of them admitted to seeing results directly after each appointment (when the hair is in the transitional phase - has fallen out and is waiting for new hair to grow), however as soon as they stopped the treatments all their hair grew back. As you can imagine this would be very frustrating for the clients who have invested so much time, money and effort in getting their treatments done and not being happy with the end results.

Here are a few questions I had for the clients. What machine did the salon use? Was the technician educated enough? Were individual expectations set before the treatment was started? I was stunned at some of the answers I received. Most clients admitted to doing no research and further revealed they were persuaded by coupons or heavy discounts. Not a single client was aware of what machine was being used on their skin and furthermore many clients were being treated by multiple technicians. On doing some further digging, we found out that the machine being treated with was not a Laser machine, it was an IPL. An IPL uses a light beam that does not effectively penetrate the surface of the skin to target the individual hair follicle, resulting in more treatments needed and less effective results. This is just one example, of when clients ignore the two T’s of Laser Hair Removal. Let me touch on these two T’s one by one.


It is very important to know what type of machine is being used on your skin. Your skin is precious, so prior research should be a must! Its also very important to know the effectiveness of the machine on your particular skin type as most lasers treat all skin types however may not be ideal for your skin type. There are two main technologies that exist in the market today as far as Laser hair removal is concerned. IPL and LASER. IPL stands for ‘Intense Pulsed Light’. In IPL, a scattered beam of light is shot on the surface of the body which fails to penetrate the skin to target the individual hair follicle. IPL is a less effective way for hair removal, requires more sittings and fails to give the same results as an actual Laser. LASER stands for ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation’. In LASER, a concentrated beam of light is aimed at the pigment, that penetrates the skin and destroys the hair follicle, thus providing permanent hair reduction. With a Laser, you should see results as soon as your second to third treatment.

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The latest SHR technology in Laser is the In-motion technology which means during the treatment the hand piece is always in motion. This technology allows the energy to distribute evenly across the surface area, reduces the risk of burns and provides a more efficient way of treatment. At ‘Advanced Laser Clinic’ we use a spot size of 2 cm square, which further reduces the treatment time and provides more effective results.

Also, the latest ICE technology is the ice cold tip of the hand piece, which simultaneously works to keep the skin cool while laser beams are being shot inside the skin, thus providing a virtually painless experience.


Knowing your technician is a very important factor when going in for a treatment. A good technician will always take time to explain to you how the technology works, what results can be expected and how soon would you start to see the reduction in hair growth. A good technician would also give you pre and post instructions to take care of your skin. At ‘Advanced Laser Clinic - Regina’ the technicians take personal ownership of the clients and follow up with them to make sure that the results are achieved as desired. We understand that your skin is the most valuable and we work with you to make you feel and look your best!

Did you learn about the two T’s from this blog?

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this. Call us at 306.993.4600 to book your consultation.

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