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We often talk about priorities and set goals for ourselves. Most people, including myself, start their new year setting a bunch of resolutions which unfortunately see the end of light before they become a habit. Well, Here is a fun fact, According to Cosmo a women spends an average of 72 days shaving legs. While some women mentioned doing it three times a week, others mentioned doing it almost everyday


"Is it worth investing in laser hair removal ?"


So, lets discuss if its worth investing in laser hair removal. Why should you even consider it? Is it time consuming? Is it expensive compared to traditional methods? We will address these questions one by one.

Why should you even consider it?

If you are looking for a longer term solution with very little to no maintenance, Laser could be the option for you. Many women despise the growth of thick body hair and are quick to react to remove it. Most women consider Laser Hair removal as an escape from there daily hair removal routines (shaving and waxing). Not only are they time consuming but also don’t offer long term results. Advanced Laser Clinic uses a diode laser which penetrates into the skin, targets the hair follicle destroying it from the root to hinder further growth. After approximately 6-8 treatments hair is reduced up to 90% and most hair is permanently removed.

Is it time consuming?

Laser treatments are typically less time consuming than traditional methods like waxing and sugaring and also offer a more permanent result. At Advanced Laser Clinic, the technicians use the Soprano Ice machine which cuts the treatment time in half using their in-motion technology. The hand piece is in constant motion, therefore it covers a larger treatment area in lesser time. Overall, the treatment time is less and it saves you countless hours of future waxing and shaving, which can be a life long activity.

Is it expensive compared to traditional methods?

The average woman spends $10,000 on razors and shaving related products in her lifetime! Not to mention the countless hours consumed by the act itself with the average women shaving 12 -20 times a month. Laser treatments are more of an investment as one area can cost anywhere between $350 to $1200 for six treatments, usually spanning the timeframe of 6-9 months.


" Laser treatment will save you both the time and money in the end. "


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