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Your very own guide to Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazillian lase hair removal

There is much debate around the topic of getting a “Brazilian” done. Most women voted aesthetics being the number one reason, sexual pleasure, hygiene and cultural/religious reasons following thereafter. The debate follows with the never ending question of hair or no hair down there. Brazilian laser hair removal treatments can be catered for each and every client. While some ladies like to bare it all, others like a conservative clean up.


Brazilian laser hair removal treatments

can be catered for each and every client


Let me enlighten you on the procedure of a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment.

Now lets start with some real talk ladies, the thought of shaving our lady parts and dealing with those stubborn ingrown hairs or having hot waxed poured over ourselves and ripped off our skin is not exactly the most desirable part of out self-care routine. Thankfully we now have Laser hair removal as an alternative or the only virtually pain-free option if I can say so myself!


Okay, lets be real here, the procedure of removing unwanted pubic hair down there can sound invasive and awkward to say the least. While getting a Laser hair removal treatment done, every girl wants to feel comfortable and know they are in the hands of a trusted technician. At Advanced Laser Clinic, the technicians take extra care in making sure their clients are comfortable and well familiar with the procedure to be undertaken. The client is covered with a cloth or small towel during the treatment process while only the treated area being exposed, one area at a time.


The age old quote “Pain is Beauty” can easily be tossed out the window. With the latest SHR technology, the Soprano Ice delivers a virtually painless experience for women of all skin types. During the treatment, most clients admit to feeling a mild zapping sensation, however don’t feel the skin heat up like traditional lasers. This is due to the in-built cooling technology in the hand-piece, which cools down to -3 degrees during the treatment and “feels like a piece of ice gliding over the skin” as one client described her experience.


Having a Brazilian treatment can show results quite quickly. While each treatment usually reduces the hair by 10-15% , most clients share they see a huge reduction after their first treatment. The hairs tend to grow back slower and in patches which allows for longer wait times after your second or third treatment. Some women can stretch up to 3 months between a treatment because the hair growth has slowed down drastically.


As most women claimed aesthetics and sexual pleasure being the top two reasons for a Brazilian treatment, a full treatment ensures a women gets the results she signed up for. We recommend between 6-9 treatments on average and most importantly booking your treatments on time for maximum results.

If you would like to get started with a Brazilian treatment and inquire about our dollar saving packages, book your free consultation and find out how you can be hair-free sooner!

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