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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Men Laser Hair Removal

Gone are the days when Laser hair removal was strictly a female thing. Men today are opting for Laser treatments as their preferred method of hair removal while ditching traditional methods of shaving and waxing. Many reasons are now contributing to the increased interest in laser hair removal for men, including the following three.


Men today are opting for Laser treatments

as their preferred method of hair removal



Laser treatments are not only for men looking to show off their biceps or to look good in a tank top, but for everyone looking to reduce the hair growth on their bodies. Laser hair removal is a hair reduction method and diode lasers aim to reduce the thickness of the hair by approximately 87% -89% overall. This is more than optimal for most men as they are looking to reduce the bulk of hair in certain regions. Laser hair removal also works to eliminate ingrown hairs and skin conditions caused from razor burns or chafing.

Body Building / Athletes

For men who practise fitness and compete in bodybuilding or athletics, Laser hair removal has become their go to solution for hair removal. Removing body hair is the first thing that is done before stepping on the stage or competing. Having not to worry about shaving with a razor lets you concentrate on the prep before a show. With advancements in technology, the Soprano ice works even on skin which is tanned during indoor and outdoor sports.

Time efficient

The most popular service for men include back, shoulders and chest treatments. Treatment times can vary from 10 mins to 40 mins depending on the area being treated. This saves the countless hours spent on shaving each week and you may only need to shave once in between treatments as maintenance. Treatments are usually spaced four weeks to six weeks apart and a total of six to eight treatments are required to obtain optimal results.

At Advanced Laser Clinic, our technicians work closely with each client to make sure desired results are achieved. Call 306.993.4600 to book a free consultation today!

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