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Ingrown Hairs: How Laser Hair Removal Can Help


I think we can all agree that ingrown hairs are one of the most unsightly, not to mention painful things that grow through the skins surface. Both women and men find ingrown hairs a pain to deal with, (no pun intended) and are always looking for permanent solutions to rid them once and for all.

Now lets start with what ingrown hairs are?

Ingrown hairs are hairs that are curled under the skins surface or hair that is grown sideways under the skin. Ingrown hair can also be hair which is cut short with a sharp or blunt tip. As the hair proceeds to emerge or grow through the skins surface, the barrier created by the layer of skin causes a razor bump. This can occur from several methods of hair removal including waxing, tweezing, shaving and depilatory creams.

ingrown hair

Waxing & Tweezing

As both waxing and tweezing attempt to pull the hair out from the root, these methods more than less, leave broken hairs under the skin which means hairs have to push their way through the surface to reappear. Blunt tips from broken hairs are one of the main cause of ingrown hairs and can cause irritation to the skin and infection to the hair follicle.


Shaving usually removes the hair from just below the surface of skin and is the most likely cause of ingrown hairs. As the hair is cut, the blunt tip also forces the pores to enlarge to allow the hair to grow though the skin. Most people will see an increase in pore size by excessive shaving over time.

Depilatory creams

These creams use a mix of chemicals to singe or burn the hair on the skins surface, rather than pulling it from the root. This method causes less ingrown hairs than waxing or shaving however the chemicals can be harsh on most skin types resulting in rashes or burns on the skin.

How Laser Hair Removal works to eliminate ingrown hairs

Once of the most successful procedures to rid ingrown hairs permanently is through Laser Hair Removal. Here's how:

Laser hair removal technology ensures the thickness of the hair is reduced by 87%-89% after completion of a full course of treatments. A single beam is aimed at the hair follicles to destroy the hair from the root and hinder further growth. As the hair gets finer with each treatment, the skins pores also shrink to give a smooth, flawless finish to the area being treated. As a result softer hair is emerging from under the skin, causing no irritation.

Come see the technicians at Advanced Laser Clinic to see how you can be free of ingrown hairs today and enjoy 50% off your first treatment!

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